Site backups involve several processes:

  1. The site database is backed up daily, compressed in an archive, and sent via email to <[email protected]>.  The daily compressed archive is between 10 and 11 MB.  The scripts that do this live in the /home/yournec/scripts directory.  The script is invoked each day as a cron job. It creates the backup file then runs the script to send it via email.  (Cron jobs are managed via the Dreamhost control panel.)
  2. Files on the site are backed up occasionally.  We need to be more regular about this.  Andy keeps an entire site backup, except for new images and files stored in the /home/yournec/ directory.  That directory should be put on an automated backup script.
  3. A complete site backup, including mailboxes and all settings, can be done from the control panel at -- but only once every 30 days, and the process cannot be automated.  This is a potential weak spot in information security, and should be addressed.
  4. Email backup is up to individual users, thus much of the NEC's "corporate" email is at risk of loss unless some sort of archival routine is set up and followed.