Help Us Protect the North Coast

June, 2017

With the (insert your own adjective here) state of national affairs, we all need to stand up to resist the full on assault on environmental standards and regulations. The most efficient and effective way to do that is through local grassroots environmental organizations like your NEC. Our 45 plus years of experience with conservation issues in northwest California and southern Oregon puts us in the best position for advocacy and resistance.

NEC's Conservation Action Committee: To meet the challenging political climate, our Washington D.C. Legislative Analyst Dan Sealy has restarted the Conservation Action Committee, with teach-ins and letter writing campaigns to show how we can make effective change in Congress and communicate with our representatives.  Letters and phone calls really have an important impact! Your support and participation helps us continue this important civic responsibility for our community, country and planet!

Planning For Another Successful Coastal Cleanup Day: The NEC founded this annual event in 1979, and we expect this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day to be another huge success. In 2016, over 700 volunteers participated in Humboldt County, cleaning 61 sites and removing over seven tons of trash. We’re working to double those numbers in 2017, and appreciate the support of our members and sponsors for this annual event. Mark your calendars to participate on September 16.  This effort would not be possible without your help!

More Accessible Office: Last November the NEC and Humboldt Baykeeper relocated to a new location in Arcata, at the corner of I Street and Samoa Blvd. The office is more visible and convenient for our members, volunteers and interns. We have a meeting space for our member groups, a small recording studio for EcoNews Reports and a kitchen, donated by a supporter. We hope you’ll stop by to visit!  

Technology Update: The NEC board has worked hard in the last decade to be financially conservative and the NEC continues to operate on a slim budget. However, our technology needs can no longer be placed on the backburner. Our computers are old, slow and need to be replaced in order for staff to work effectively and efficiently. Our website is also so far out of date that it is susceptible to security hacks and errors, and affects our ability to reach our supporters across a range of devices. To address these challenges, please help us raise at least $10,000 to purchase much needed technical support, new computers, updated software, and a new website. To support this effort, specify an additional donation for “tech updates.”

Activating North Coast Communities: Nothing is more important to promoting change in our local community, and the world, than an informed and engaged populace:

• EcoNews, our long-standing environmental newspaper, continues to report important environmental news on behalf of the NEC and its member groups throughout the bioregion. The printed version of EcoNews remains very popular with our members. We’re also bringing back the “fundometer” to EcoNews so you can see fundraising progress.

• The EcoNews Report, the longest running public affairs show on KHSU, delivers timely environmental news over the airwaves and via streaming every week. Tune in every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 pm on KHSU 90.5 FM! You can listen to past reports on our website at 

• The NEC has expanded our radio presence to co-host KHUM 104.7 FM’s long-running weekly Coastal Currents program every Thursday at noon. Tune in as our hosts dive into issues and events important to our beaches, rivers, bay and waterways.

• Check out the NEC’s column, Your Week In Ocean, on the Lost Coast Outpost (

Providing Opportunities for the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders: In our longstanding partnership with Humboldt State University, the NEC is honored to provide opportunities for students through internships and work-study positions. Thanks to HSU’s work-study program, a gift of $1,000 is worth at least $3,000 to support one of our fantastic work-study students for a semester. The NEC also sponsors HSU internship positions, including: Policy interns gaining a virtual “On the Hill” Washington experience of tracking important Congressional actions, and EcoNews interns gaining valuable experience writing news articles and producing our print publication. These young people are our future conservation leaders—your support allows these opportunities to continue.

Thanks to your donations, the Northcoast Environmental Center accomplished quite a bit this year. But as we all know, the work continues, and to do this we need your help! Send in your contribution today, or donate online at our website, to help NEC continue to protect and celebrate our North Coast. 

On behalf of the board and staff of the NEC, we thank you in advance for your commitment to this special region and all its inhabitants.

Larry Glass, NEC Executive Director and Board President, and the NEC Board of Directors:

Dan Sealy, Bob Morris, Jennifer Kalt, CJ Ralph, Gary Falxa, Chris Beresford, Alicia Hamann, Richard Kreis, and Briana Villalobos.