Managing Member Groups

NEC member group members are identified in two ways:

  1. via Drupal's "groups"
  2. as yes/no fields with radio button widgets

You'll see a radio buttons in the "NEC member info" section for Sierra Club, but selecting "Yes" does not automatically put the contact in the Sierra Club group.

Groups are separate from fields.  Eventally, we should convert all the field information in the "NEC member info" section to groups, then eliminate those fields.  CiviCRM will perform faster with fewer custom fields.

You can search now in the member organization fields using radio buttons for "yes" or "no".  The data is actually stored as 1 and 0.  Use the "Find Contacts - Advanced Search" option.

The results of any search can be added to a group.

Current groups are
  • Audubon
  • CNPS
  • FDN
  • Sierra Club
  • Sierra Club ECONEWS