Northwest California's Mountains & Rivers - Write to Congressman Huffman

December, 2015



Northwest California is without question one of the most beautiful and biologically unique places on earth. From the fog-shrouded redwood forests of Humboldt County to the sunny oak woodlands and grasslands of Mendocino, and from the soaring peaks of the Trinity Alps Wilderness to the turquoise waters of the Wild & Scenic Smith River in Del Norte, our region is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes.

Visitors from around the globe come to fish the mountain streams, run the river rapids, hike the backcountry trails and find solitude in primeval redwood groves, all while staying overnight in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, and shopping at our local stores, which all benefit our local economy. Our mountains and rivers are also home to thousands of different plant and animal species, making this region among the most biologically diverse areas on the planet.

We now have a remarkable opportunity to expand the protection and restoration of our incredible public lands and the recreation opportunities available on them.

Please join us to ensure that the unique landscapes and natural treasures we cherish are passed on to future generations.


Write Congressman Huffman a Letter

Please do your part to protect our public lands by writing a letter to Congressman Jared Huffman to encourage him to introduce legislation that protects, restores and promotes responsible recreation on  our public lands in Northwest California.

for instructions and more information.

Important Note: 
We want to be sure Congressman Huffman sees your letter!  As you’ll see in the instructions on the website, instead of mailing your letter to DC, email your letter to us so we can add it to all of the other support letters we’ve collected for this project. We will give them to our Congressman all at once to show him the support he has in the region. 

Thank you!

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