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June 15, 2017 - Jennifer Kalt talks with Dr. Laurie Richmond, who is leading a team of researchers at Humboldt State University to work directly with representatives from the fishing communities of Eureka and Shelter Cove to assess needs and develop a list of recommendations to improve the sustainability of these ports. The Community Sustainability Plan will help the fishing community identify, communicate, and attain their goals for a stronger and more resilient future. 

June 8, 2017 - Tom Wheeler talks to Rick Tolley about a benefit art show upstairs at Umpqua Bank in Arcata that includes work from Karuk youth paintouts, art safaris, and Orleans elementary schoolkids.  The artwork benefits the Mid Klamath Watershed Council. Also, Rob Diperna with EPIC talks about the Paris Accord, and potential strategies to sidestep America's withdrawal from it.

June 1, 2017 - Scott Greacen and Alicia Hamann  discuss the State of Salmonids Report just published by California Trout and UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the opportunity to get the Eel River dams decommissioned and removed.

May 25, 2017 - Delia Bense-Kang talks with researchers Ian Kelmartin, Katherin Osborn, and Eric Bjorkstedt, about their MPA Baseline Monitoring projects.

May 18, 2017 - Tom Wheeler is joined by Humboldt state professor and writer Cutcha Risling-Baldy, Regina Chichizola of Save the Klamath-Trinity Salmon, and Dave Bitts of The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association to discuss all things salmon. 


May 11, 2017 - Tom Wheeler, Director of EPIC, discusses the plight of the rhino with Matt Meyers, safari guide and rhino conservation advocate. Matt is biking from Canada to Mexico, dragging a lifesized rhino behind him to raise awareness of issues facing rhinos. Rhino populations are in considerable decline, both from habitat destruction and illegal poaching. Matt and Tom talk about what is at risk, what is being done, and what more needs to happen.


May 4, 2017 - Scott Greacen and Alicia Hamann of Friends of the Eel River discuss long-term threats to the Eel River. Friends of the Eel River's case challenging the North Coast Railroad Authority comes before the California Supreme Court this week – and the Eel River dams are now up for federal relicensing.

April 27, 2017 - Jennifer Kalt, Director of Humboldt Baykeeper, took the EcoNews Report to the Humboldt March for Science on Saturday, April 22. A variety of community members attending the morning Science Expo talked with Jen about why they were marching for science.

April 20, 2017 - Delia Bense-Kang talks with Susan Leskiw (Godwit Days organizer) and Gary Friedrichsen (Redwood Region Audubon Society Treasurer) about two upcoming events for birding enthusiasts and the community in general, Godwit Days and the third annual Tim McKay Birdathon. Sue and Gary describe how these events were started and how people can participate.

April 13, 2017 - Darren Speece, author of "Defending Giants," talks about his new book on the Redwood Wars with Tom Wheeler, the director of EPIC, Environmental Protection Information Center.
Looking at the Redwood Wars, Speece offers lessons for the current environmental movement.

April 6, 2017 - On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, around the country and around the world, millions of people will gather to march and draw awareness to the importance of science in our world. Scott Greacen, Director of Friends of the Eel River, interviews two of the planners of the Humboldt March for Science, Ross Taylor (fisheries biologist) and Jessica Hobba (science educator & board member of Mad River Alliance) about the Humboldt County and National Marches for Science and the anti-science policies that have sparked the marches. 

March 30, 2017 - Marine mammalogist Dr. Dawn Goley is the director of the HSU Marine Mammal Stranding Program, which responds to reports of dead stranded marine mammals from the public and regularly monitors beaches for stranded marine mammals in Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties. The program has documented several uncommon whale and dolphin species, sea turtles, and two sea otters in the last twenty years, and serves as an early warning system for catastrophic events like the California sea lion die-off in the past two years.

March 23, 2017 - Underwater parks, called Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), are important for the protection and improvement of our ocean's health. The MPA Collaborative Network began from a grassroots stakeholder driven effort. Delia Bense-Kang, MPA Coordinator with the NEC, talks with Calla Allison, Director of the MPA Collaborative Network, about how the network was started, current projects, and what the future holds. This unique network is a shining example of how local expertise can provide guidance at a statewide level.

March 16, 2017 - Supporters of an east/west railway line are trying again to gain traction for their ideas. The project, however, would involve serious ecological and social costs. Larry Glass (Executive Director of the NEC, and SAFE representative) and Tom Wheeler (Executive Director of EPIC) discuss these issues and the proposed feasibility study for an east/west railroad connecting Tehama and Humboldt. The Trinity County Transportation Commission recently rejected a grant from CalTrans to study the proposed rail line.

March 9, 2017 - Our Children's Trust is bringing groundbreaking litigation on behalf of America's youth to force government action on climate change. Relying upon an ancient legal theory called the "public trust doctrine," Our Children's Trust is bringing cases across America alleging the government has an affirmative duty to protect the atmosphere. Tom Wheeler, Executive Director of EPIC, talks with Andrea Rogers, Senior Staff Attorney for Our Children's Trust, about the public trust doctrine and current youth-led litigation. 

March 2, 2017 - Humans like to think of landscapes—including our man-made structures—as immutable, unchanging backdrops to our lives. Now and then, however, we're reminded that even our greatest works are powerless against the forces of nature. Scott Greacen, Director of Friends of the Eel River, talks with Mikal Jakubal, long-time activist and filmmaker, about recent damage at the Oroville Dam and how those events shed light on broader questions about aging dams and flood-control infrastructure.

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February 23, 2017 - Zero Waste is a goal and a plan. Locally, Zero Waste Humboldt (ZWH) takes on challenges in progressing toward a Zero Waste future. Alec Howard, ZWH board member, discusses the Zero Waste Action Plan Draft, pedal powered composting, and how to live a zero waste lifestyle. Hosted by Delia Bense-Kang, MPA Coordinator for the Northcoast Environmental Center and Director of Humboldt Surfrider. 

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February 16, 2017 - Science is under attack in Washington, D.C. Here in Arcata, we value science, facts, and science-based evidence. Whether you value health and medicine, public safety in tsunami zones, or protecting endangered species, science is critical in developing public policy. Geologist and HSU Lecturer Jay Patton talks with Humboldt Baykeeper Director Jennifer Kalt about science, facts, how to recognize pseudoscience or “alt-facts,” and why science is a cornerstone of public policy.


February 9, 2017 - Tom Wheeler, Program and Legal Coordinator for the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), talks with Amaroq Weiss, West Coast Wolf Organizer for the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), about wolves in the west and the California Wolf Plan. 


February 2, 2017 - Scott Greacen, Director of Friends of the Eel River, talks with Darren Mierau, Regional Director of CalTrout, about the "incredible potential" for recovery of the Eel's salmon and steelhead fishery, and opportunities to change the river's course for the better.

January 26, 2017 - Rebroadcast of the February 26, 2015 EcoNews Report featuring Jennifer Kalt, Director of Humboldt Baykeeper, interviewing nuclear whistleblower Rob Rowen about his experiences and new book.

January 19, 2017 - Ken Burton interviews Chris West, Senior Wildlife Biologist with the Yurok Tribe, about the Tribe's work to reintroduce condors to the Redwood National Park region.

January 12, 2017 - Tom Wheeler of EPIC talks with Stassia Samuels, Plant Ecologist with Redwoods National and State Parks, about the problems the parks are having with English ivy and efforts to remove ivy. He also talks with Kim Tays and Stan Binney of the Humboldt No Ivy League about the work the League is doing to remove ivy and home ivy removal suggestions. 


January 5, 2017 - Scott Greacen, Director of Friends of the Eel River, interviews Craig Tucker, Natural Resource Policy Advocate for the Karuk Tribe, about the Klamath Dam removal process and dam removal in the west.

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