The Kids Page: Dungeness Crab

February, 2017





Did you know Dungeness crabs walk sideways? They have 10 legs, and their front pair of legs are claws. Dungeness crabs use their claws to chew their food. They are bottom-feeders, meaning they find food on the ocean floor to eat, but their diet also includes clams and small fish.

Even though their claws are used for defense against predators like fish, otters, octopus, and even humans, they won’t try to pinch you unless they feel they have to defend themselves. If they do feel threatened, sometimes they bury themselves in sand.

Dungeness crabs live on the west coast, and can be found living in eelgrass. They are a light brown and red color on their shell, but sometimes they are purple, too!


















Test Your Knowledge!

1. Where do Dungeness crabs live?

    a. East coast
    b. Arctic sea
    c. West coast

2. How many legs do Dungeness crabs have?
    a. 1
    b. 10
    c. 8

3. When Dungeness crabs feel threatened, what do they do?

    a. Bury in the sand
    b. Cry
    c. Swim away

4. How do crabs chew their food?

    a. Their mouth
    b. Their stomach
    c. Their claws



ANSWERS: 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. a

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