Waste Reduction Efforts at the North Country Fair Continue to Show Success

October, 2017


Members of the Zero Waste Crew at the North Country Fair, 2017. Photo: Nancy Stevens.

Members of the Zero Waste Crew at the North Country Fair, 2017. Photo: Nancy Stevens.

The 44th Annual North Country Fair had another successful event on September 16 & 17 on the Arcata Plaza.  The Board of Directors (aka The Same Old People) have always strived to make the North Country Fair a landmark sustainable event in Humboldt County and beyond. In 2011, the North Country Fair signed a Zero Waste Pledge to make significant steps for the Fair to become a Zero Waste event.  The Fair partnered with Zero Waste Humboldt and started to make strides with both the vendors and the attendees towards an increasingly sustainable event.

This year was no exception. Many thanks go to the eight food booths who all complied with the strict zero waste requirements. This is the second year that we’ve partnered with The Local Worm Guy (www.LocalWormGuy.com), but this year Lloyd and Stacey were on site to help us sort materials in the most efficient manner for worms to digest. We feel incredibly fortunate for this partnership and thankful for the ability for our compost to be taken locally.  

We also noticed an increase of folks who brought their own cup for beer and water this year!  Thank you! Just the simple effort of bringing your own makes a big difference! We hope that this trend will continue to grow. Weight totals are not yet in but the trend is clear—we’re seeing more compost and less landfill!

If you were at the fair, you likely saw our team of amazing volunteers in bright yellow vests standing at each of the corners or navigating the crowds pushing dollies of bags of materials headed for final sorting into compost, recyclables, or landfill. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who were part of our team—we had a great group this year!  It really takes a large number of volunteers to work at each of the stations that are set out around the plaza to presort materials as they are disposed of.  If you, your family, and/or your business want to work with us in the future, please email [email protected].  We’d love to have you!  

Other special thanks goes to Emma Held, who coordinated this year’s Zero Waste effort, The Worm Guy and his worms for breaking down our compost into soil, Statewide Barricade for the bike racks, Pacific Outfitters for creating space for bike parking, and Arcata Mainstreet and Zero Waste Humboldt for the use of materials. See you next year!

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